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Speaking Topics: Corporate Psychopaths, Mental Health, Criminal Behaviour

Denis is an expert on psychopaths, including criminal psychopaths, corporate psychopaths, and everyday psychopaths. Currently, he is working as a Consultant Psychologist, and trains other psychologists throughout the UK and Europe in administration of the Psychopathy Scan (P-Scan), a questionnaire developed by Robert Hare as an accepted clinical tool to diagnose psychopaths. He has extensive expertise in designing and delivering bespoke training and participatory learning programmes. He has prepared reports for the Criminal Justice System and his work has been widely published in peer-reviewed journals.

Denis is a chartered member of the British Psychological Society and is registered with the UK Health Care Professionals Council. His professional background includes providing specialist psychological consultation to individuals, groups and organisations working with adults who have complex difficulties. He has worked with some of the UK’s most violent offenders, including interviewing some of the most notorious serial killers.

Denis has a doctorate in Forensic Psychology from Roehampton University Surrey. He is working on a forthcoming book on corporate psychopaths with Dr Angela Smith and Joshua Isaac Smith.

New Courses

Dr Denis Aslan will be running courses in Psychopathy and Standardized Risk Assessment (HCR-20 v.3) in 2014 and 2015. Dates to be announced very soon.

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