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Want the perfect training for your team or organisation? Let us design a programme just for you.

With a half-century combined experience in the training room, our experts are able to ask questions and listen to your specific requirements in a unique and creative way.

Whether you want a training course that is more interactive and engaging, or one that is more academic and researched-based, we can customize a training programme to meet your needs.

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Bundling Coaching and Consulting Services

We offer a unique service to our clients in the form of bundling coaching and consulting sessions with an in-depth application of course material.

The advantage of bundling is it provides an opportunity to accelerate results and meet desired short term targets quickly. For organizations needing a morale boost, or in need of an immediate turnaround from a negative or undesirable situation to a more positive and optimistic environment, bundling coaching sessions can be the perfect option.

After a series of resilience courses, a London council bundled coaching sessions with course delegates on a volunteer basis, and received consulting services to management on specific issues that challenged the team.

The successful outcome led to an Excellence in Resilience case study.

The Bundling Advantage

The advantage of bundling is the data we collect from delegates pre and post course delivery. Our resilience questionnaires are designed to expose where individuals feel strongest and weakest in their resilience levels. This allows us to help your organization understand the impact results may have on the organization and how to strategise accordingly.

We maintain individual confidentiality for each delegate, whether in our training courses or individual sessions. However, our pre and post session questionnaires are anonymous and offer solid data and feedback for your organization to look specifically at possible changes that could be made to bring about a desired outcome for your executives or management.

When Bundling Works Best

In our experience bundling coaching sessions and consulting services with bespoke course material works well when management is supportive of resilience training as an impactful method to provide results. Bundling sessions with course material also helps when there is a negative incident or “bad press” around the organization that may be affecting morale. Customer service environments, organizations in the midst of mergers and acquisitions, job redundancies and layoffs, and outsourcing paradigms have also benefited from bundling services with resilience courses.

Questions to Consider

Consider the following questions in your process of looking at courses and bundling services.

  • Is there a current challenge, incident, or negative situation that has had an impact on your team or organization?
  • What outcomes would you like to achieve in an ideal world from a course or from coaching sessions?
  • What is your view of how you think these outcomes can be achieved?
  • Are there specific individuals who could be considered resistant to or threatened by any changes in the environment (you don’t have to name names, just your overall sense is fine)?
  • How supportive is management of resilience and optimism training or coaching using positive psychology?

Learn More

To learn more about bundling contact us to arrange a call back. We will be happy to discuss your training ideas and objectives more thoroughly and come up with a training plan with possible customised outcomes or bundling options.

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