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Emotional Intelligence was first introduced into the workplace 20 years ago. It has since revolutionized leadership and introduced an entirely new approach to management encompassing the notion that awareness of emotions is critical to reducing stress.

Emotional Resilience has taken it one step further by suggesting when adversity strikes those managers able to understand their own emotions as the basis for understanding the emotions of others are able to make better decisions for the team. The key is empathy and being able to connect with others in a meaningful way that can boost morale, inspire greater performance, and lay the groundwork for leading with consistency, accountability and integrity.

A crucial but often neglected notion in the workplace is shame. Shame is rarely discussed but is frequently felt by employees through managers avoiding responsibility for decisions, and blaming other team members. Wherever there is high turnover and low accountability there are high degrees of blame and shame. Shame is a biologically disconnecting strategy that alienates managers from their teams and leads to rupture of work relationships.

Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Resilience in Leadership focuses on the concept of repair, and managers being accountable for their use of shame, blame and avoidance of responsibility. The course encourages mangers to use more empathy, mindfulness and positivity in communication. Accompanying repair strategies is the ability to read body language, a key aspect of emotional intelligence.

Managers who are able to be more emotionally intelligent and resilient are more focused on growth, mindfulness and improving the quality of their social relationships.

Course Content

  • Understand the difference between feelings and emotions using the 8 primary emotions worksheet
  • Internet videos on shame, blame, empathy and sympathy
  • Examine the 7 faces of emotional experience and understand microexpressions in reading body language
  • Use a workbook exercise to draw the areas in the brain that represent the emotional centres
  • Notice feelings in mindfulness rather than be stuck in an emotion
  • Review shame and empathy and what happens with each in the workplace
  • Look at positivity and the brain and why bad is biologically stronger than good
  • Complete a self-administered questionnaire on passive aggressive behaviours
  • Practice techniques to create repair in communication

Course Outcomes

  • Have a better understanding of emotional intelligence
  • Learn the 4 phases of resilience model and how that impacts daily life
  • Understand the importance and impact of taking responsibility for emotions
  • Understand how shame creates isolation and lowers emotional resilience
  • Practice the LEAD model as a technique using empathy in communication to improve effectiveness and overall team morale
  • Learn management skills and mentoring techniques to improve management performance during change and create more positive results
  • Learn how emotions and empathy factor into more effective decision making
  • Be able to apply empathy as a more effective tool for decision

Excellence in Resilience Approach

The Training is delivered in a relaxed and flexible manner with plenty of opportunity to pose questions and undertake discussion. Practical exercises will be used to illustrate the importance of changing the brain as a method for making better decisions, and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

All delegates receive a comprehensive workbook with additional exercises.

Course Duration: Full day modules only

Course Capacity: 12 (for optimum benefit)

Availability: All our courses are delivered in-house throughout the UK, USA and Europe.

Customisation: Course content can be tailored to meet your organisation’s individual requirements. Full day course options are available upon request. Ask about bundling coaching sessions with training courses.

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