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All of our courses include the practice of mindfulness as a way to improve resilience. Whether it’s Boundaries at Work or Social Intelligence in Leadership we focus on mindfulness as the cornerstone for transforming the individual and the workplace environment.


The Mindful Workplace- Mindful Eating Day

Gain awareness of how to create a more mindful environment at work, including communication strategies, taking breaks, and mindful eating throughout your day.


Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Resilience in Leadership

Improve emotional intelligence and resilience in the workplace by learning how shame-empathy and rupture-repair can improve or diminish team effectiveness and positively or negatively impact morale.


Authentic and Transformational Leadership

Know the differences between managing and leading inclusively and how your story from your past may be stopping your authentic passion and true leadership talent from emerging in the workplace.


Social Intelligence in Leadership

Discover how your commitment to personal growth and inner satisfaction can improve your intelligence as a leader and help you develop big picture thinking in managing teams.


Boundaries at Work

Learn important mindfulness strategies using boundaries to better manage difficult and complex workplace behaviours.

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Latest Testimonials

The session was very good, knowledgeable and insightful. The teachings from the session can be applied both professionally and personally
Both Angela and Joshua are excellent motivational speakers and will be able to offer you bespoke training to meet your specific needs.
David Palmer- Hounslow Council
Highly recommended...
Ian Jordan- Chelsea FC
The course was brilliant...
Fay McNicol- RAC