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  • Course Objectives
  • Background
  • Key Benefits
  • Training Style
  • Who is it for?
  • Key Content


Developing Everyday Resilience (DER) courses offer a comprehensive series of evidence-based resilience training programmes. Each course is supported by the most current research and years of practical and clinical experience in the field of resilience and neuroscience. DER courses are designed and delivered by the UK’s leading experts in the field of resilience.

Our programmes have been specifically designed to help individuals increase personal resilience. This means improving the ability to cope with everyday challenges and adversities both at the workplace and at home.

We also offer the EIR-Resilience Quotient (EIR-RQ) questionnaire as instant feedback of a delegate’s resilience levels pre and post training. This gives delegates unique insight into their personal resilience from The 4 Phases of Resilience.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the 4 phases of resilience
  • To have more insight into individual levels of resilience
  • Increase awareness of the relationship between stress and resilience
  • Be aware of what depletes and increases, biological, psychological and emotional resilience
  • Develop a practical and realistic set of skills that can be used in real time to increase everyday resilience and decrease stress
  • Have a better understanding of post adversity growth


Resilience is the ability to cope with the daily stresses and challenges that life throws at us. Most of us work in organisations where there is change, uncertainty, and work overload. There is the sense of always needing to be on alert due to technological advances and flexible working conditions. Some of what happens at work is outside our personal control. This includes other people’s reactions. What is within our control is the way we react and recover from life’s ongoing, uncertain and disruptive challenges. Our everyday resilience levels will either increase or decrease over time depending on the way we respond to challenges. Having high everyday resilience levels means that we are much more able to adapt and cope in ways which help us manage adversities and challenges. In today’s business environment, resilience is critical and seen as a necessary attribute that allows individuals to thrive in the face of everyday work-pressures and stresses.

Key Benefits

  • An awareness of the 4 phases of resilience and how to move through each phase
  • Offer delegates a specific set of resilience skills that will allow them to manage a variety of situations in real time
  • Increase awareness of personal resilience levels
  • Help delegates understand the way our biological resilience affects stress
  • Understand what depletes and increases biological resilience
  • Understand the importance of flexible thinking and setting professional boundaries as practical ways of increasing psychological resilience
  • Have a better understanding of what depletes psychological resilience
  • Recognise the way emotions and empathy influence the way we react and respond to others
  • Offer a two-step approach to managing difficult emotions, increasing emotional resilience, and improving decision making
  • Be able to apply all the techniques to help manage any challenge or adversity in real time at work
  • Provide an interactive training programme using practical exercises to ensure the programme can focus on individual needs
  • Provide the EIR-RQ to measure resilience levels pre and post training using a reliable and objective resilience questionnaire providing instant feedback

Training Style

Training is delivered in a relaxed and flexible manner with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. Practical exercises will be used to illustrate key resilience skills and tasks giving delegates the ability to implement resilience into the workplace.

Who is it for

Staff members, managers, supervisors and team leaders

Key Content

  • Understanding the 4 phases of resilience
  • Laying the foundations for resilience
  • Completing a resilience questionnaire to understand personal resilience levels
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of key resilience skills
  • Implement simple resilience techniques that can be adapted to fit the situation and environment
  • Practice-methods to reduce the physiological symptoms of stress
  • Learn the importance of workplace boundaries as a means of increasing resilience at work

Course Duration: Half day modules.

Course Capacity: 12 (for optimum benefit)

Availability: All our courses are delivered in-house throughout the UK, USA and Europe.

Customisation: Course content can be tailored to meet your organisation’s individual requirements. Full day course options are available upon request. Ask about bundling coaching sessions with training courses.

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The session was very good, knowledgeable and insightful. The teachings from the session can be applied both professionally and personally
Both Angela and Joshua are excellent motivational speakers and will be able to offer you bespoke training to meet your specific needs.
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Highly recommended...
Ian Jordan- Chelsea FC
The course was brilliant...
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