When you see a successful person, do you ever think that they may not feel quite good enough?

It’s almost nonsensical to place success and not good enough in the same sentence. But, it is the mindset of most successful people, certainly for long periods of their lives.

I’m brilliant and I’m not quite brilliant

Most successful people have a certain type of ironic thinking. Firstly, they believe that they are better than most people at what they do. They also believe that no matter what they do, they are never quite good enough. This is a powerful yet ironic thought process.

Treading water is not an option

I believe this type of thought process pushes you into mastering your profession far beyond your expertise. Because you are constantly forcing yourself out of your comfort zone, you don’t end up in a professional sense simply treading water.

Just imagine, if you never felt you were quite good enough at what you were doing. You would constantly be trying to master your skills, rather than sitting on your laurels in the knowledge that there is nothing else you can learn.

Most experts in their chosen professions who think this way are extremely successful, but never quite feel they are expert enough to just relax. It is this thinking of not being quite good enough that motivates them to persist in learning and growing. And, let’s face it, success is all about growing psychologically, emotionally and of course professionally.

Is this the mindset of Leaders and Entrepreneurs?

I often see this mindset in entrepreneurs and leaders. But, not all entrepreneurs and leaders are successful. If you observe the entrepreneurs that are successful, you will often see this type of thinking. And, that is what drives them to become persistent, hard working, motivated and successful.

So, not believing your quite good enough is not always a bad thing, it just depends if you believe you are good enough. And, there goes the irony.

Do you agree with this? I would love to hear your thoughts.